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What is bird's nest?

Bird's nest is the nest made by swiftlets. Regular consumption of bird's nest will result in improved health and enhanced skin complexion. Emperio Trading strives to harvest, select, and sell the highest quality bird's nest that is 100% natural with no chemicals or bleaching.

How to select high grade bird's nest?

Texture Fine and firm texture; dry and easily breakable
Size and shape Thick+big size (around 3 fingers' width), Small edges
Color Ivory to yellowish color
Smell Before stewed - Slight fishy smell;
After stewed – Egg white smell
Cleanliness Minimal amount of feathers

Why are there stains found on bird's nest?

Swiftlets may accidentally break their eggs during hatching and stain the nests. The stains will disappear after being soaked in water and does not affect the nutritional values of the nest.

What makes Red bird's nest (sometimes referred to as Bloody bird's nest) such color and what is the main different between red and white bird's nest?

Red bird's nest turns red because the type of food that swiftlet eats contains certain minerals and iron which turn red after oxidation. It is NOT because the swiftlet makes the nest partially with blood.

The texture of red bird's nest is more crisp. It contains more minerals and is more suitable for pregnant women and patients recovering from a surgery.

Why is Cave bird's nest more expensive than House bird's nest?

Cave bird's nests are built in caves and therefore its supply is limited; whereas the supply of House bird's nests are more controllable and stable.

How to store and preserve dried bird's nest?

Dried bird's nest should be kept inside an airtight box. Bird's nest with high water content (> 10% moisture) should be stored in a refrigerator to prevent mold.

How long can stewed bird's nest be stored?

Cooked bird's nest can be kept for approximately 10 days. Note cooked bird's nest must be refrigerated.